Weaving mochilas (tradicional handbag)

Creation of mochilas is a purely female affair, a woman is led to it from the time she was a little girl. Every woman is very proud of hereself if she is marked as a good knitter. This is also one of the aspects that future potential mariage suitor pay attention. The meaning of some shapes, which often appear on mochil's patterns is full of symbolism important to their culture. They also weave mochillas with striped patterns from agave, others with sophisticated patterns made from the cotton or wool. 

Mochila is primarily a symbol that identifies from the point of view of who created it or who carries it. It is also a working tool and an integral part of clothing. Beauty, symbolism and practicality combine in an integral onnes, interconected to the basic concepts of tribal culture. Mochila is woven from wool, cotton or agave fibers. The fabric is produced using bone, wood or metal needles made by aborigins themselves. Nowadays needles are rather purchased on the markets in neighboring settlements.