Our group bonds one great purpose: to help Mother Earth and the beings who are living on her.

This intention led us all together. 

We are proof, that if even very different people come along, they can do great things together.

Team of Jaguar People:

Šárka Dominová

 "Enduring happiness of a person does not lie in the fact that something is attained, but that he is acting for something greater than himself."

Blanka Drescher

 The architect, who has 5 children and wants to build a better world for them. I wish my children will live well in the future.

Monika Zítková

 Interpreter of Intuitive Dance Heart Rhythm Dance and author of the book Space Correspondence. Accredited Dance Lecturer and Therapist of Psychological Transformation.

Michaela Kafrdová

 The musician by body and soul. I love to create beautiful things, transform material and change its form.

Kateřina Cermanová

 In my life, I rely on my own experience of a psychotherapist. I connect logical thinking with playfulness.

Stephan Drescher

 I have a vision to have a school for children that works without fear and on the principle to invoke in every child its greatest potential and to support its living.

Oscar García

Colombian professional photographer and journalist who has long been working with the Arhuaco and Kogi indigenous community. The photos you see on the site are mostly his.  

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