"From the commission of the first fathers and the original law, the tribes of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta were ordered to take care of the balance of the elements that created life."

From the origin of the universe, Mother Nature was considered to be the pillar of their communities, and the indigenous people can not separate it from her. The way of thinking of aborigins always evolves within this absolute unity. All their movement is based on the equilibrium of the world. Understanding of the world is based on a deep relationship between man and nature, nature and the community.

Therefore, space equilibrium is maintained by the four major world sides, each of which has nine elements, as does the solar system has nine planets or the Earth's atmosphere has nine layers. Based on this, their law is born, which says that if one of the fundamental elements of life is disturbed, everything is deflected from balance.

Instead of heating, the fire begins to burn. Water, instead of raising and waking up the seeds of the plants, is sinking them. The land does not give us good nutrition, and the air will be polluted.

Failure to comply with these laws increases the incidence of material and spiritual illnesses.

Between the original elements of life, we can achieve balance, but only if we properly redistribute what the elements give us.

That is why natives came to offer at least spiritual compensation in the form of pagamentos, a ritual for Mother Earth.

Arhuaco tribe