Kogi tribe

They are an ethnic group of South American aborigins, remaining living is about 20,000 people. This number is only supposed to be calculated, because it is almost impossible to calculate them. They live in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in western Colombia. So far they speak the original indigenous language, one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world. It is totally different from other languages ​​in the world.

These last surviving descendants of the ancient Tayron civilization have been silently watching us for four centuries from the land hidden on the peaks of the Colombian mountains. Now they are afraid of the end of life on Earth, and they call upon us to hear them. For four centuries, they could survive only by keeping themselves in isolation all the time.

After arrival of the colonizers, they have been hiding in front of the "younger brother" in the mountains, which were hardly reachable for the colonists. But now they have decided, that it is time to give the "younger brother" a message.  They have noticed that there is something wrong with their mountains, that "the heart of the world" is starting to get sick. The snow which covers the top of the mountains disappears and the rivers are no longer as full as before. If their mountains are sick, which are also called the "Heart of the World," then it means that the whole world is at risk ohrozeni. The white man has moved too far from the essence of his being and has lost the spiritual instruments which secure his survival.

Old brothers consider themselves as the guardian of life and balance on the Earth. They perceive the world as a whole unique living being that they must care for and love. Their whole lifestyle is dedicated to the development of spirit and thought, to the care of fauna and flora. They are simply a spiritual and ecological community whose behavior is completely subordinate to the needs and health of the planet.

At present time, the "older brothers" notice changes that could cause the end of the world. They know we're killing all slowly. That is why they are speaking to us. They want to warn us and teach us. We have long known that the environment is disastrously damaged and that we are responsible for it. They call us: IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP!

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