A project to support the traditional way of life of native tribes in Colombia. The aim of the project is to support and promote the original life style of the indigenous tribes living in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and to acquire financial support to purchase soil and ground for the tribes. In this way we can contribute to maintain this amazing, wise and unique civilization.

Our main goals

Purchase of the property

Main goal is gaining funds to buy soil and ground into the property of the native tribes community. We would love to support them in the construction of traditional shanty, the cultivation of original crops and the breeding of the domestic animals. Establishing protection zones where natives can continue their traditional way of life without worrying about further expatriation. This step is very important for the independence and self-sufficiency of indigenous tribes.  

Mutual prosperity

We buy traditional bags (mochillas) at a fair price directly from tribe women from Arhuaco, Kogi, Wiwa and Waya tribes. In this way we can support their independence. You can buy these bags in our e-shop, other option is to contributed to the purchase of the sheep wool, cotton or fique plant which are used for the preparation of fiber to the manufacture of the bags.

Sharing wisdom

Our mutual intention is to interconnect our two worlds. We would love to link with these people, who have maintained their traditional way of life for thousands of years, share their wisdom with our prosperity in such way that we can contribute for example to buying land for particular tribe families. They still know their roots, have the wisdom and knowledge which we Europeans, "younger brothers" as they call us, have almost lost. 

Securing drinking and healthy water

Water is the source of life. However, due to infections caused and spread often by the domestic animals, the purity of water streams and rivers that natives use to drink is often very poor. That is reason we are seeking effective ways to purify water and to prevent the dissemination of the diseases. Also, many inhabited areas are already arid, therefore very deep wells are needed to build.
We propose projects to clean drinking water by the purifier plants with a solar engine and support construction of the wells. 


Our other goals

Basic needs

Buying food and hygiene supplies for Natives in greatest need.

Support families

Adoption of a particular family living low in temporary huts on the outskirts of cities in very poorhygienic conditions

Renewable sources of food

Purchase seeds and seedlings for growing their own crops and thereby increase their self-sufficiency.

Projects of removal batteries and plastic waste from Sierra Nevada

Many natives nor colonists are not aware of the impact of discarded batteries on the nature. Local, and tourists almost do not care about the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to provide sufficient education on waste management and to ensure the cleaning of the country from the garbage through network of the volunteers. In the future, we plan to motivate local businesses to recycle waste and reduce the burden on the environment in this area.  

Keeping traditions and passing wisdom

Support school for indigenous children from the largest village of Arhuac tribe Nabusimake, where teaching is provided in their native language.  

Traditional clothes and shoes

Purchase of white fabrics to produce aboriginal garments, which promotes their belonging to the native tribe. Furthermore, the purchase of material for the production of tribal sandals.



The current political and economic situation threaten survival of the ancient tribes. There is realistic risk that their outstanding knowledge and abilities will disappear completely from our world. With their everyday live style, actions, values they profess, and their relationship towards nature native tribes set and keep balance the balance on Earth.

And what now? Support our efforts